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European consortium Ella4Life helps the elderly to live at home longer


Companies, universities and health care facilities in the Netherlands, Poland, Roemenia and Switzerland are working together for the next three years in a European AAL Programma of 1.9 milion euros: Ella4Life. Two validated medical devices, Anne and Emma, will be combined to the smart assistent Ella in order to help…

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Medicine Men launches digital version of the Longaanval Actieplan COPD


COPD patient throughout the Netherlands use the paper longaanvalactieplan (exacerbation plan of action) in order to recognise their exacerbation sooner and act upon them. Het company Medicine Men now developed an app in which patient always carry the plan with them and can directly signal for help. After a testing…

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Fewer COPD exacerbations by jointly efforts hospital, first-line and eHealth


Thanks to the efforts of various health professionals and the eHealth tool EmmaCOPD the number of exacerbations has decreased substantially in a part of the patient group in West-Brabant. Research was started this week by the LUMC to validate these results in a bigger patient group.  After a succesful co-creation…

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A successful interim evaluation of the EmmaCOPD project


In order to reduce the number of exacerbations with 25%, the project EmmaCOPD was started in the Bravis Hospital in Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom. Oscar van Dijk of Medicine Men talked to patients and caregivers in order to further improve EmmaCOPD. Patients with severe COPD are hospitalized multiple times…

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Medicine Men is in the finale of the Deloitte Start-Up Innovation Challenge


Medicine Men has been selected as one of the five finalists in the Deloitte Start-Up Innovation Challenge. In this challenge, European start-ups that will have a huge impact on the future of healthcare are being looked at.  A company that thinks exponentially about behavioral change in therapy adherence, medication use…

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