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Mobile communication platform for medication and self-management


We believe that people are capable of managing their own condition and health, as long as they are properly provided with the right information and as long as they have the means to adapt on the basis of this information. When someone’s health has become vulnerable, a well-informed and connected network of volunteers and professionals can provide the patient with the best possible care and support.

What is Emma?

Emma supports patients with adhering to their therapy and with self-managing their affliction. With an app and an optional smartwatch, supported by a Cloud-platform, a user can keep track of their measurements and their medication intake and he or she can be warned when to take action. It’s possible to add extra devices to the Emma platform, including devices from manufacturer Withings. A unique feature of Emma is the personal community. A user can add one or more users to his or her community who can support him or her with their therapy adherence and medication intake. In the Professional Care version of Emma it’s possible to add health professionals too.

Who is Emma for?

First and foremost Emma is for people who need extra support and monitoring with their therapy adherence. Secondly, Emma is useful for all people who are involved with this extra support. This includes for example caretakers and health professionals. Emma is capable of giving information to caretakers in good time and helps them to better support those around them. Furthermore, Emma provides health professionals with the opportunity to gain an insight into the therapy adherence and measurements of their patients through their own web-dashboard at any moment. For this group it has also been made possible to receive warning signals about previously determined events or series of events.

Download the app free now!

The Emma app is available for consumers for free in the Google Play Store. Download the app now and start to adhere to your therapy and start with self-managing your affliction.


Your own personal community with the people who support you
on the moments you need them most.


The role of the community

Emma is a cloud-based system that offers you the opportunity to easily give permission to those around you to watch over your account. In this way they can support you with your therapy adherence or medication intake whenever you need them to.

Through Emma Connected Care and Emma Professional Care you can connect extra devices to your personal Emma account, including devices from manufacturer Withings.

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