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EmmaCOPD for health professionals

EmmaCOPD is a CE Medical Device certified self-management platform for COPD patients that connects them to all people who support them in managing their illness. Patients wear a smartwatch with which they have insight into their activity data and their sleeping patterns. An important part of EmmaCOPD is the digital longaanval actieplan (DigiLAP or digital exacerbation plan of action). This way there is more insight into the course of symptoms of individual patients and this way future exacerbations can be predicted and prevented.


The Longfonds and the Longalliantie Nederland encourage the use of the exacerbation plan of action COPD by patients. The paper tool, developed by Dr. Jaap Trappenburg PhD (UMC Utrecht), helps patients to recognize an exacerbation sooner.  Serious exacerbations can often be prevented by acting sooner. In EmmaCOPD a digital workflow has been added, in which the patient goes through the steps of the exacerbation plan of action through an app. An advantage of DigiLAP as opposed to the paper version is that health professionals have more insight into the course of the illness and the minor exacerbations at home.

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Emma Activity Coach

Patients wear a smartwatch, with which they have insight into their activity data and sleeping patterns. After setting individual step goals with their physiotherapist, the patients can keep their own activity under control. If they are not able to do so, their buddy is warned first and in a later stage their physiotherapist is warned. The programs are completely catered to the specific activity patterns of individual COPD patients.

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Patients can be connected to their caretaker/buddy and to various health professionals, such as their general practitioner, physiotherapist, dietician, pulmonary nurse practitioner, domiciliary care and their pulmonary doctor.  They can watch along and receive signals when help or support is needed. EmmaCOPD is a Persoonlijk Gezondheidsomgeving (PGO or personal health environment) in which patients are in control of who watches along.

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Emma Medication

EmmaCOPD contains the prize-winning medication alert functionality that has been successfully used by patients with a chronic illness of the AMC. The Emma Medication app supports medication users in taking their medication on time. The user is warned through a smartwatch or smartphone that it is time for their medication intake or injection. Not taking medication timely and regularly results in a higher sensitivity of pulmonary attacks. Medication adherence is very important for COPD patients.

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Video calling

People with a pulmonary disease often use medication through an inhalator or a puffer. It is important to inhale in the correct way, otherwise the medication will not work properly. The pulmonary nurse practitioner can easily give inhalation instructions to the patient through video communication.

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