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Take your health into your own hands

Self-management, more than just reminders

Self-management means that you as a patient, together with your health professionals, take responsibility of your own health. The doctor makes a diagnosis and creates a treatment plan together with you. You take your medication, you exercise enough, you drink enough water, you measure your blood pressure for example and you act when it’s necessary (e.x. the blood pressure is too high). Emma assists you with your self-management on every step of the way. This way you stay healthy, the treatment of your health professional works better and eventually you will visit the doctor less.


Your health into your
own hands

When you’re ill you go to the doctor, who will diagnose you and who will prescribe some medication if necessary. But you can do so much more for your health on your own and together with your health professional you can greatly improve your treatment!

Emma and self-management

Emma can help you with taking your medication, with measuring your values and with communicating with your health professionals. With Emma you can register and view your data, like blood pressure, medication intake and weight through your smartphone, your computer and possibly through your smartwatch.
Through Emma you will be able to stay in touch with your health professionals, your family and your friends. They will be able to watch over you and if necessary they can receive a warning message when you reach a limit you’ve set together.

Start today

You can directly start with your own self-management. For example, are you aware what each medicine you take does exactly? Do you know when your blood pressure is too high? Or how to respond to high blood pressure? You can indicate to your health professional that you want to be more active with your treatment, create a treatment plan together and then start working with Emma.

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